The 2023 Bottled Fuchsia Extra Life Event

Bottled Fuchsia Extra Life 2023

Bottled Fuchsia’s Extra Life event for 2023 will be this weekend! Donations to benefit Children’s Specialized Hospital.

Starting at 7AM on Saturday, October 28th, we’ll be streaming for 12 hours on our Twitch channel. We’ll kick things off with Clan Hullo taking on the Crota’s End raid in Destiny 2, Kitty will play some Catherine, and Cory will show off his fishing skills in Final Fantasy XIV.

We’ll resume the stream at 9AM on Sunday, October 29th for another 12 hours. This year will mark the return of Jon vs Aaron, and this time around they’ll be racing to see who can complete the most courses in Super Mario World within the time limit. Then we’ll move on to some party games, and work in the usual Jackbox mayhem sometime in the afternoon or evening.

Join us and help support children in need!