The 10th Annual Bottled Fuchsia Extra Life Stream

The 2022 Bottled Fuchsia Extra Life Stream

The 2022 Bottled Fuchsia Extra Life Stream will be from 9AM-9PM on November 12th and 13th! Donations will benefit the Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey.

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A bunch of us gathered in the basement of my old townhouse way back in 2013 to take part in a charity event with a unique premise: instead of running or walking a 5k to raise money, participants would be playing video games for 24 hours straight. It was the first time most of us had heard of it, even though Extra Life was entering its 5th year and really starting to build momentum. It sounded like the perfect event for a group of friends who were coming up on the one year anniversary of their own gaming podcast.

Four of us signed on to officially play games and raise money that year under the name Team Moon Moon, while at least 10 others participated. That night is mostly a big blur to me now, but I do remember rigging up my first AverMedia capture device (which I’d purchased just days before) and webcam so we could broadcast the group playing New Super Mario Bros. U, Metroid: Other M, and then I started randomly picking through old 90s point and click adventure games in the early morning hours.

The event evolved considerably over the years. In the early days, many people brought their own PCs and consoles and set them up as separate stations. I once tried running an RTMP server to combine streams from everyone’s rigs and broadcast it all out in one feed, which was an experiment that failed spectacularly. Over time, we pared down the hardware and focused more on multiplayer games between a few consoles and a PC. We kept the Team Moon Moon name until 2017, when we changed over to officially participating as Bottled Fuchsia (that was also the year that we recorded podcast #50 during the stream!).

One of the more recent evolutions was changing from a straight 24 hour marathon to two 12 hour marathons, and we’ll be continuing with that in 2022. While the challenge of the 24 hour marathon was fun for a while, I think we can say that we conquered it enough times to have unlocked Easy mode. Besides, the event is much more fun when you aren’t so tired that you can’t form sentences.

It’s been a long, fun ride, and we’re excited for this outing!

Join us from 9AM – 9PM on November 12th, then at the same time on November 13th for our 10th Extra Life stream!