Kay’s Personal List of 2015

2015 was the year I committed to playing games in a timely manner! Or just playing games at all. When I’m not, drowning, getting hit in the ovaries by Teddy Ruxpins, or taking elocution lessons to finally pronounce Hyrule Warriors…I played a TON of hours in at least a few games this year.

Most Feels: Last of Us

You are wrong, the ending was great and how it should have ended.

Biggest Disappointment: Kings Quest, Magicka 2 Evoland 2, Mario Party 10

Look, all you need to do is take the good game you once made, and give me more of that. My biggest lets downs all came from games I loved and their abysmal sequels.

Funniest: Keep talking and nobody dies/explodes

I like my name for this game. I love the random things that get shouted at each other, squid with a stick! Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast! When the pressure is on, things get said.

Prettiest: Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt

There were times when this game knew how pretty it was, you’d crest a hill to a stunning vista and when the sun was setting, man those graphics were just showing off.

Most Addicting: Heros of the Storm

Simply put, for most of the year, this is the game I wanted to be playing even while I was playing other great games.

Best Early Access Game: Ultimate Chicken Horse

Couch co-ops have come a long way, and this is a great game I look forward to more of.

The one that got away: Mass Effect and The Old Blood

Mass Effect will be on my list unless somebody bolts me to a table Clockwork-Orange Style. But mostly I’m sad I didn’t get to play the Old Blood. Wolfenstein The New Order was so so so good last year, I just ran out of time to go back to that universe.

Of Course I’ll re-buy that!!: Viva Pinata

You put something cute and colorful in front of me, especially with bears and silly animals and I’ll buy it 100 times.

Shame: Simpson’s Tapped Out

Somewhere last March I was perusing the App Store for a new game on my iPad. Downloaded this innocent little game and then promptly lost a year of my life to it. Its so addicting to click the screen and make money and XP counters fly off it. The stupid thing is, the amounts never really change. The time to complete a task goes up and so does the cost of a task, but you’re constantly getting more people, so in the end, its all the same. A lot of satisfying but shameful taps were had here.

That Beat Tho’: Wolfenstein the Old Blood

The Old Blood. Yes, I know its my game I didn’t get to play but I did boot it up tot he menu music a bunch.

Finest 10 games of my year

10. Jazzpunk – Yes I know I’m late to the party here, better late than never?

9. Her Story – I felt like a badass detective, I felt urgency to solve the mystery, I felt genuine surprise and satisfaction at a few of the twists in this game.

8. Last of Us

7. Prune – A Zen like game for iPad, fantastic for peaceful and idle time killing

6. GTA V PC Online  – I’m on a boat! (was never said by me during this game at any point)

5. HOTS – A good solid MOBA that was plain old fun

4. Keep Talking and Nobody Dies – I think a theme here is anytime that made me feel like a badass. I felt so awesome when I completed a task, and seriously felt better about those I communicated with, like I was special.

3. Tales from the Borderlands – The obligatory Borderlands entry on Kay’s list. Possibly since this is my first Telltale-style story game. Good god the feels, the investment in the story. This game made me cry!

2. Dying Light – A fantastic yet diminished January release. The mechanics of the free running just worked, the game was seriously beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The side quests were the main attraction, they were engaging and funny and made you care about this world in peril.

1 Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Unicorn Sex.