Fuchsiacast #061 – All the Longbottoms

Nanners’s Harry Potter/WWE fanfic gets real odd this week. Kitty joins with all the feels during A Night in the Woods. Aaron joins us for the first in a long time and has been playing Legend of Zelda the random surprise version. They both play Kirby’s Epic Yarn and turns out, its not a knitting simulator.
Kay finds herself wondering what even are video games anymore then sends us off track about the many phases of Nevilles. Brady plays a flawless Assassin’s Creed: Origins and a pretty great Grim Dawn. Jon plays Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, too, but mostly tells us about his adventures with “boy!”. Nanners plays God of War and agrees, Jon gives great game recommendations.

In a special news related segment this week, we go back to past E3’s to find the games that time forgot and get sad over all the games that never came to be.