Fuchsiacast #052 – Fuchsia: Up for piercing!?

We are about to make you really uncomfortable about ever wearing any colored accessory ever again. Back on the podcast this week is Conman, who gets sexy in a hotel solving some puzzles. Jon plays a bit of Night in the Woods and seems to like it. Kay gets really uncomfortable searching for a man, to help raise a daughter. Nanners is impressed by trailers with no noise so he played The Mummy Demasters with sadly no Brendan Fraser. Brady plays A Hat in Time and has a really good time with it.



We look forward to games in 2018 and judge the Steam Awards. We also ponder if we have a mental disorder now that addictive gaming is one.

Games Discussed:

Path of Exile

A Hat in Time


Night in the Woods

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sexy Brutale

Dream Daddy

The Mummy Demastered