25 hours for kids!

Playing games and streaming for 25 hours!  Head over to the Streams page to watch some games and donate to the kids!


UPDATE:  Great success!  Goal met!  Here’s a message from Aaron!

I had to take a day to recover, so this is somewhat late. Our Extra Life gaming marathon was a great success, and Team Moon Moon beat its collective goal of $500, taking in donations for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore andthe Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We can apparently still collect donations until December 31st, and again our team link is:

(Scroll down and click on one of the team members to donate.)

Our broadcast is, if I did this correctly, saved forever under Bottled Fuchsia’s Twitch.tv account here:


Eventually I will carve out some highlights, including the beatbox-worthy audio loop from the first ten minutes of the broadcast, and our utter disappointment with both Wii U Party and Metroid: Other M.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated, whether they were on the team, came to hang out at my house in MD, or otherwise supported us and helped to make the marathon possible/fun: Deborah Dalcin, Cory Burns, Nathan Hammond, Bryan Kutoloski, Tyler Ackrivo, Brady Barrett, Nathaniel Swartz, Kay Hollenbach,Steven Spence, Amber Spence, Xander Spence, James Emerson, Stephen Pearson,Mike Dunlap, Keith Dwayne Mitchell, Mark Molaison, Jimmy Meyers, Robert Davis,Jon Jinks, Paul Harrington, Shasta Schatz, Zach Hanson, Dave Forgac, and Ryan Mathus. (Sorry if I missed anyone… my brain was mush by 9AM Sunday morning.)